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Business & Corporate Law

We provide legal services including the following:
  • Entity formation and planning, corporate governance issues, joint ventures and investments, employee compensation plans and equity arrangements, ownership structures and exit strategies.

  • Mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, business combinations, distribution and license agreements, partnership and LLC agreements, and shareholder agreements.

  • Corporate governance documents, such as corporate charters, stockholders' agreements, by-laws, executive employment contracts, stock option plans, restricted stock agreements and other ancillary documents.

  • International matters, including licensing, joint ventures, U.S. subsidiaries, mergers and acquisitions, and business structuring issues.

  • Purchasing and selling businesses or business interests.

  • Transaction documents, such as letters of intent, nondisclosure agreements, stock and asset purchase agreements, security agreements, promissory notes, and corporate guarantees.

  • Corporate formation for start-up technology companies, early stage funding and biotech tax credits.

  • Real estate contracts, construction contracts, deeds, mortgages and security agreements.

  • Contract management systems to enable businesses to integrate their legal and administrative documentation with their business operations in order to operate more efficiently and profitably. 

  • Equipment leasing transactions.


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