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Business Succession Planning

Legal Services We Provide:
  • Assist business owners in planning and implementing the orderly transfer of the ownership and management of their business in a manner that minimizes expenses and taxes, avoids unwanted liquidation, and fulfills the owner's personal and family objectives.


  • Assist business owners in coordinating their company’s long-term strategic objectives with their personal financial and estate planning objectives.

  • Work with other professionals, such as financial planners, insurance professionals, accountants, business valuation experts, bankers, trust officers, investment bankers, family business consultants and psychologists, to help business owners achieve both their corporate and personal objectives. 

  • Implement strategies at the inception of a business that allows long-term growth in coordination with a long-term business succession plan. 


  • Create contract management systems that integrate a company’s legal and administrative documents and procedures with its business operations in order to enable it to operate more efficiently and profitably.


  • Advise business owners on strategies for passage of ownership of the business to one or more children while preserving equality for all family members under the owner’s personal estate plan.


  • Assist companies in structuring financing, negotiating and consummating mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures.


  • Counsel business owners on providing compensation incentives to employees, using both equity and nonequity strategies.


  • Recommend and implement strategies for the orderly withdrawal of the business founders from active involvement in the company’s daily operations while retaining the desired amount of control.  


  • Provide coordinated corporate, tax and estate planning services that are essential to a successful succession plan.


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